Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Erin Andrews Peephole Video

Erin Andrews Peephole Video: Latest news about , Erin Andrews Peephole Video, erin andrews video peep pictures, erin andrews video, erin andrews, dancing with the stars 2010 lineup, dancing with the stars 2010,ESPN has banned the NY Post from appearing on any of their programming after the NY Post decided to publish blurred video photos ofErin Andrews in their newspaper. Here is a link to the NY Post Erin Andrews pictures. The New York Post has published 3 pictures that relate to the illegally taken video of Erin Andrews, an ESPN side-line reporter. Pop Ny Post Erin Andrews Photos

This has obviously made ESPN very upset and they are letting the NY Post know it. Our sister-site Right Pundits originally broke this story before many news outlets and you can read more about it here.
ESPN has taken rather draconian measures in response to this video, especially towards the NY Post, which is a pretty big time newspaper. “While we understand the Post’s decision to cover this as a news story, their running photos obtained in such a fashion went well beyond the boundaries of common decency in the interest of sensationalism,” ESPN senior vice president of communications Chris LaPlaca said in a statement Wednesday night.
Ms. Andrew’s attorney has flooded the Internet with cease and desist letters to any web page who has even posted a link to where people might be able to get a glimpse of these videos, saying they plan to sue and press criminal charges not only against the responsible party for taking the video, but also against any site which published the video or pictures.


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